Behind the Scenes of a New Christian Animation Series

Divine Creative, a pioneering Christian media organization, recently gave us an inside look at their upcoming animated fantasy series Downfall. This project brings to life an epic story of grace, redemption, and calling from Caleb Ward's bestselling Christian fiction novel.
In the behind-the-scenes video, Caleb Ward himself joins the Divine Creative team to discuss Downfall's inspiration and creative process. Though initially a reluctant writer, Caleb felt God calling him to use his storytelling gift to point people to biblical truth.

"I believe that stories are incredibly powerful," shares Caleb. The main character Joshua grapples with his calling from God, just as many creatives do. Caleb crafted complex characters like the villain to prompt reflection on how our choices shape our lives.
We also get a preview of the animation process from Sophia Cyr, a 3D animation student. Using programs like Maya and Procreate, Sophia has carefully crafted the character models, clothing, and intricate hairstyles. She unwraps each element to texture the models, bringing the novel's world into vivid visual life.

As pioneers in Christian media, Caleb and Sophia admit producing Downfall has been challenging at times. But their passion remains to inspire the next generation of Christian creators to steward their gifts for God's Kingdom. Though unfamiliar with animation at first, the team has seen God orchestrate provision and progress each step.
"When the Holy Spirit is embodying our work, then it comes out really beautiful," Sophia reflects.
The Downfall concept trailer and screenshots give us a taste of the amazing Kingdom creativity waiting to be unleashed through this series.

What epic tales might God be calling you to tell for His glory?

To support Divine Creative in completing this groundbreaking animated series, you can contribute at

Together, our generosity and prayers can empower these artists to spread the Gospel through their imaginative work. Let's play our part in ushering in a new era of Christian creativity.

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