Should Christians Smoke Weed?

The question of whether Christians should smoke marijuana has become increasingly relevant as legalization spreads across the US. In this in-depth video, hosts Michael and Bailey examine what the Bible says about drug use and getting high.

What Does the Bible Say About Drug Taking?

Looking at Galatians chapter 5, the hosts focus on verse 20 which lists "sorcery" in a list of sinful acts considered "works of the flesh." The Greek word used here is "pharmakeia" which specifically refers to using drugs for spiritual or mind-altering purposes. This shows that while medicine or alcohol in moderation have their place, purposefully getting high is considered a lust of the flesh that can keep people from God's kingdom.
Michael also discusses how in Revelation, drug use is tied to end times deception from Babylon. As society moves closer to the return of Christ, drug taking will increase as a way for people to find artificial meaning and escape. But this will only lead people astray.

A Cheap Counterfeit for Spiritual Connection

Bailey shares an impactful personal story of how smoking marijuana diminished the spiritual joy he felt after worship and experiencing God's presence. This reveals how getting high provides a cheap counterfeit feeling that replaces what God wants people to find through the Holy Spirit.
While alcohol can be used moderately, marijuana is inherently psychoactive. Its very purpose is to open your mind to spiritual influence outside of God's will. Smoking weed is a shortcut that bypasses the deeper work God wants to do in someone's life to bring purpose and abundant living.

The Biblical Verdict on Marijuana

In summary, Michael and Bailey unequivocally state that recreational marijuana use for Christians is prohibited under biblical prohibitions against pharmakeia and sorcery. When you smoke weed or take other drugs to get high, you open your spirit up to demonic influence. You replace God's spiritual gifts like joy, peace and revelation with cheap artificial substitutes.
Instead, Christians should embrace prayer, worship, and fellowship that helps fill them with the Holy Spirit. This is the path to finding true fulfillment in life, not chasing temporary highs. When Christians set their minds on things above rather than earthly escapes, they will find the abundant life Jesus promises.

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