Board of Directors

Bailey Mullens

President & Director

Bailey Mullens, a dedicated minister and creative artist, serves as the President and Director of Divine Creative Ministries. As an experienced podcast host, Bailey's love for the local church and passion for connecting people drives him to create platforms that elevate those with a creative vision. His leadership at DCM ensures that our mission remains focused on empowering young creatives and spreading the Gospel message through the power of art and technology.

Derek Trimm

Board Member

Derek Trimm is an accomplished professional who brings his passion for technology, innovation, and world missions to the DCM board. As an investor and enthusiast in the fields of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, Derek's expertise strengthens our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to fulfill the great commission. His invaluable contributions to Divine Creative Ministries help us expand our reach and make a meaningful impact in communities worldwide.

Codie Wright

Board Member

Codie Wright is an esteemed author and sales instructor at Texas A&M University. With a heart for sharing the Gospel message with children, Codie is passionate about fostering unity and inclusivity within our organization. Her dedication to mentoring young people and helping them achieve their career goals makes her an essential member of the DCM board. Codie's experience and commitment to our mission drive us forward as we work to inspire and support the next generation of creative talent.