Should Christians Smoke Weed?
by Bailey Mullens on November 7th, 2023
The question of whether Christians should smoke marijuana has become increasingly relevant as legalization spreads across the US. In this in-depth video, hosts Michael and Bailey examine what the Bible says about drug use and getting high. Looking at Galatians chapter 5, the hosts focus on verse 20 which lists "sorcery" in a list of sinful acts considered "works of the flesh." The Greek word used ...  Read More
What is my Spiritual Gift?
by Bailey Mullens on October 17th, 2023
Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? Most Christians are familiar with the “charismatic” gifts like prophecy, healing, and tongues that come from the Holy Spirit. But did you know there are actually two other categories of spiritual gifts mentioned in Scripture? Understanding these distinctions can help you better identify your own unique spiritual giftings and appreciate how you fit into th...  Read More
Behind the Scenes of a New Christian Animation Series
by Bailey Mullens on October 12th, 2023
The video features Bailey Mullens, Caleb Ward, and Sophia Cyr discussing an animated series they are working on called Downfall which is based on Caleb's Christian fantasy novel. They provide background on the characters, storyline, and creative process behind developing the animation. Sophia demonstrates the 3D modeling and texturing of the main characters using Maya and Procreate. Caleb shares how the story explores themes of grace, mercy, and redemption. They emphasize pursuing God-inspired creativity without compromise, and how God can use these projects powerfully. Overall, it is an inspiring behind-the-scenes look at the collaboration and faith fueling this Christian animation project.  Read More