This Will Change Your Prayer Life

Dec 5, 2023    Michael Weidman, Bailey Mullens

In this video, Michael and Bailey discuss the two words Jesus used to open his teaching on prayer - "Our Father." They explain that if you can understand what Jesus really meant when he used this term, it will transform your prayer life.

Key points in the video:

To call God "Father" means recognizing his authority as well as his love and care for us as his children. Many people have imperfect ideas of fatherhood that affect their view of God.

Jesus taught we should pray humbly, honestly, with a clean heart, according to God's will, and courageously. This all relates to properly understanding who God is as our Father.

Scriptures emphasize how much God loves us and wants to generously give to us as our Heavenly Father. Jesus said "Ask and you shall receive" - we need to believe this is true.

They discuss practical tips for improving your prayer life like praying scripture, journaling prayers, having an attitude of thanksgiving, and getting on your knees. Check your own prayers - do they reflect a right understanding of God's fatherhood?