Who Are The Nephilim? Biblical Giants, Fallen Angels and the End Times

Mar 7, 2024    Michael Weidman, Bailey Mullens

Dive into the ancient biblical mystery of the Nephilim - the giant offspring of fallen angels and human women. This in-depth exploration unravels the startling accounts from Genesis, ancient texts like the Book of Enoch, and references throughout the Old and New Testaments. Discover who the Nephilim were, their supernatural origins, and chilling connection to demonic forces. Gain insight into their role in spreading wickedness that led to the Great Flood. Explore fascinating links between the Nephilim and epic biblical figures like Moses, Joshua, and David who confronted these giants. Most importantly, understand the prophetic implications - are the Nephilim destined to return in the end times? Get prepared by learning the spiritual battle strategies needed to stand firm against deception and supernatural evil.

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0:00 - Intro

0:55 - Is this topic less taboo?

3:24 - What are the Nephilim?

6:53 - Why does this matter?

9:09 - Gen 1:1-4: Who are the sons of God?

13:57 - Did angels really produce offspring?

16:12 - Did God send the flood (and Joshua) just to destroy giants?

22:29 - Men of God are giant killers

27:46 - Satan and the demons’ plan to terrorize humanity

37:45 - Will the Antichrist be a Nephilim?

44:44 - Are there Nephilim today?

48:20 - Avoiding deception in Babylon

56:00 - The Armor of God: practical application