Should Christians Smoke Weed?

Nov 7, 2023

In this video, hosts Michael and Bailey have an in-depth discussion on whether Christians should smoke marijuana. They dig into what the Bible says about drug use and getting high.

Looking at Galatians 5, Michael points out the Greek word "pharmakeia" which refers to using drugs for spiritual purposes. He notes this is listed as a "work of the flesh" that can keep people from God's kingdom.

Bailey shares his personal experience with weed, and how it diminished his spiritual joy from worship after becoming a Christian.

The hosts talk about how alcohol can be used in moderation, while marijuana is inherently psychoactive. Weed provides a cheap counterfeit of the peace and spiritual connection God wants us to have through the Holy Spirit.

They also discuss the mentions of drug use in Revelation, where it's tied to end times deception. Michael notes how drug taking will increase as society moves closer to the end times.

Overall, Michael and Bailey conclude that smoking weed is prohibited for Christians under biblical prohibitions against pharmakeia. It opens your mind to demonic spiritual influence. God intends for Christians to experience revelation and joy through relationship with Him, not through artificial means like getting high.

Christians should pursue spiritual experiences through prayer, worship, and embracing the Holy Spirit. This is God's path to finding true peace and abundant life.