What is my Spiritual Gift?

Oct 17, 2023    Michael Weidman, Bailey Mullens

There are actually three main categories of spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible - gifts from the Holy Spirit, gifts of service/ministry from Jesus, and gifts of personality/operation from God the Father. In this video, we explain each category and the various spiritual gifts like prophecy, teaching, mercy, giving, leadership, and more.

Understanding your own spiritual gifts is so important, but even more important is appreciating the spiritual gifts of others. When we can recognize our differences and how we each fit into the body of Christ, we can work together in humility as God intended.

Though we each have different gifts, they are all from God and are valuable for building up the church. We may not understand someone else's gift, but that means we need them all the more. The goal is to dwell with each other in love and humility, learning from every part of the body that God has assembled.

Join us as we break down these spiritual gift categories and how you can begin identifying your own gifts as well as the gifts of others. Our differences are divine gifts from God that allow us to accomplish more together than we ever could on our own!


0:00 - Introduction

0:38 - The 3 Categories of Spiritual Gifts

3:29 - The Supernatural Gifts (1 Corinthians 12)

4:46 - Gifts of Personality/Operation (Romans 12)

13:23 - Further Discussion on Prophecy Gift

27:30 - Gifts of Service/Ministry (1 Corinthians 12)

46:00 - Breakdown of Personality/Operation Gifts