Are We In The End Times?!?

Aug 21, 2023    Michael Weidman, Bailey Mullens

In the episode titled "Is It the End Times? A Deep Dive into Rapture, Occult, Humanism, and the Triumph of Good," the hosts of "Get to the Heart" podcast explore the pressing question of whether we are living in the end times. Beginning with a reflection on pre-tribulational rapture and personal beliefs, the conversation delves into the expectation of Jesus' return, the significance of remaining watchful, and the biblical concepts of the abomination of desolation and the Antichrist. The hosts also examine the intersection of the occult and humanism, discussing the collective identity of humanity and the blending of religious, ethnic, and political boundaries. The conversation further extends to drug use and transhumanism, with an emphasis on spiritual enhancement and philosophical insights, including references to C.S. Lewis. The episode concludes with an inspiring dialogue on the timeless battle of good vs. evil, the power of art, and the unwavering hope that good will triumph in the end. Keywords such as rapture, end times, occult, humanism, pharmakea, and heaven are woven throughout the discussion, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of these complex subjects. Join the hosts as they navigate the intriguing landscape of faith, humanity, and the potential signs of the end times, offering thought-provoking insights and encouragement for spiritual exploration and growth.